Welcome to TheFado96’s World!

An adventure into the english language

Ciao, I’m TheFado96 and this site contains a presentation of all my Let’s Plays. Don’t know what a “Let’s Play” is? Go to this page and find out now! I began doing videos just beacuse I needed to learn how to speak English, and that’s why I think of my videos as “My personal adventure into the English language”.
Learn more about me and my English learning, from this page.
This video here, shows a quick scene from all my Let’s Plays, from the very first one, to the most recent one. A nice way to see how my English speaking skills have improved over time.

Discover awesome games you didn’t know about.

I always wanted to show games I liked to play, not necessarely famous games like GTA: San Andreas or Pokémon Emerald.
Games that aren’t very famous can be great too, and I really want to spread the knowledge about those little known games like Wonder Project J2 or Turtle Bay.
Head to my Let’s play page to see a list of what games I’ve played so far. Who knows, maybe you’ll even like some of them.

Theia: The Crimson Eclipse

Find out what’s to come

I’m always playing and experimenting new games when I’m not recording videos; and sometimes I find a game worthy of Let’s Playing.
Whenever I believe a game is good enough to become a series on You Tube, I’ll add it to my Future Project page.
Go there to see what games I will Let’s Play in the future.