About Me

Very well, welcome to my about page ladies an gentlemen!

Hi there, I’m Thefado96 an out-of-the-ordinary guy who likes to play videogames and share his experience with the huge world of the World Wide Web.

I play various kind of games: from very old games of the SNES times to more recent games of the modern times (but don’t expect loads of these, my resources are limited to a single computer).

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Why did I start making Let’s Plays?

Well it’s a funny story actually. You see, I live Italy and when I was still attending school I noticed something during 10th grade. The way english is teached here in Italy is strictly about writing and reading (or at least the way it was taught to me). There isn’t a lot of listening involved, much less there are speaking lessons.

Because of that, we all hear a lot of italians speak english clumsily or they can barely speak a few words. Unless after you graduate and study at university or through other means, the school here in Italy doesn’t really give you a great formation for the english language. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the teachers. I’ve had some very good english teachers. The fact is that they have to follow a certain educational program which, in my opinion, might be improved.

Generally speaking, lessons in italian schools are moslty made of theory. There’s little practice involved. I’ve heard other countries like the UK or Germany do the opposite: I think in Germany some IT (information technology) students have days divided into some hours of theory (at school) and some hours in a company where they work and practice what they’ve learned.

A lot of theory is good, since you learn a lot of things but when you need to practice it for real it’s not that easy. For example, I’ve got a lot of notions about networking, installing routers, network devices, setting them up and so on; but if I had to do it myself, I honestly don’t know if I really would be able to. You learn a lot from practicing. But then again practice isn’t everything. You need to find a balance between theory and practice. But let’s move onto my story:

A story about learning to speak english.

So, during 9th grade, we had an english speaking test (it was required to do at least one) which didn’t go very well for anyone (except two of us) and even though I didn’t get a bad mark, I still wanted to do more. I wanted to improve my english. Mainly because english is kind of an universal language. If you ever have to travel around the world, then english is a must-to-know language.

Between 9th grade and 10th, I was sent on a school trip along side others guys and girls of my school. This trip was meant for the students with good marks in english. And even though it was meant for students from 10th grade onward, my english teacher managed to register me and two more guys of the 9th grade anyway. She managed to do that beacuse otherwise the group of 10th grade students would have been so small they couldn’t even go. Anyway, we spent two great weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland; I’ll never forget the kindness of the family who hosted me and my other two room mates.

On those two weeks, my english improved a lot but yet I wasn’t satisfied. You see, the reason why i was so good in english classes was because I learned a lot of english by myself. It all started during my 7th grade. Our english teacher wanted to teach us a lot of complicated stuff and it was hard for us, the students. The thing was that she was such a good teacher that all of us that year learned a lot. I admit we studied really hard that year. I remember that like, more than half of my homeworks were only about english. I decided it was about time to lighen that work somehow. And here’s when I started getting into videogames for real.

Learning by having fun.

I started playing videogames like “The legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time” (I remember I was addicted to it on 7th grade), games with lots of text that you had to read in order to proceed. So by reading lots and lots, my english homework became a piece of cake. However it wasn’t over yet. I got the writing aspect out of the way but listening was still a big problem.

So i decided to use the same method: start listening english speeches a lot. On 11th grade (after that speaking test I told you earlier): I started following some Let’s Players on Youtube. I remember that I was only able to undestand like 40% of Chuggaaconroy‘s speeches on his Let’s Play, but i didn’t give up. After a few months of listening to different Let’s Players, with different accents and styles, I realized I was able to understand a lot more, close to a good 90% if not more.

And so I decided to move a step forward. After playing videogames, watching others playing videogames, I decided it was my turn to do something.

I didn’t care about the viewers or the subscribers. And I still don’t care if i have 0 or 200 subscribers. I would still continue to make videos as long as I can. And my efforts of speaking all paid off during the two final years of school. Basically during english classes, we could say there were three teachers in our class. Our professor, me, and one of my classmates who, like me, learned english by himself; and he was even better than me. If our professor made lessons to the whole class, me and my friend used to help many of the others who were really bad in english, and even that paid off. Our professor admitted me and my friend spoke english almost like it was a second language to us.

Two years of Let’s Plays paid off. For real.

And after 7 years of Let’s playing, I’ve decided to test my skills and the results where these:

So, what does all of this mean?

It means that even though I started to Let’s Play with an educational purpose, it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done. Through YouTube I got to know a lot of amazing people, some of which I’m still in contact with. I don’t care how many people watch my videos, as long as I want to do them, I will continue. Of course there were good Let’s Plays (Wonder Project J2) and bad Let’s Plays (seriously who watched this one was crazy) but one thing is for sure. I’ll never stop Let’s Playing.

Infact the motto of my channel is: “Let’s Player ONLY for fun!”

Now for some real “About me” stuff.

I’m TheFado96, I was born in Venice, Italy on the 20th of July 1996. I currenly live in a small town near Venice with my parents. I’ve got no sisters, brothers of pets; but I have two little cousins who I love like they were my brothers.

If I had to describe myself, I’d say that if you ever see me somewhere I would look like a plain, normal guy; but get to know me a little better and you’ll find out I’m the exact opposite. Both in a good and in a bad way.

Oh yeah, my favorite sport is basketball. I’ve played it for eight years since I was very little, and I worked as a basketball referee for more than four years. So if you want to discuss about basketball with me, you couldn’t find a better person!

And finally, to conclude, know that I’m the biggest crybaby in the world!