Let’s Play #23: Brutal Doom: Hell On Earth (Blind)

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brutal doom hell on earth
The beginning of Map 1: Hangar.


Having played Brutal Doom before on this channel, I though I knew what I was getting into.

I was wrong.

Brutal Doom: Hell On Earth, is a special mappack that the creator of Brutal Doom, Sergeant Mark IV, released along Brutal Doom v20, the newest version (at the time of writing this) of his creation. The mappack was supposed to have 32 levels which rebuilt the usual mappack but increasing the details, the realism and much more. Adding a lot of difficulty as well.

I jumped in the mappack almost blindly (I played the first two maps beforehand to see if there where any major glitches, errors, bugs, etc…) but I was surprised on how many new things this mappack introduced. The game is divided into 3 parts: the military base, the city and hell itself. The one I liked the least was the last, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just that, in my opinion, the other two outclass it.

In the very first level you’re supposed to open a door at the very beginning, but the button doesn’t work. So what do you so? You shoot at the button and start making your way through the level. This is an example of a new way to interact with stuff in the maps. Fire extinguishers can be also shot and will explode like a barrel, lights, mirrors and plant pots can also be broken. The world is more realistic and more interactive.

And another new thing rests in monsters. In this mappack there are some unique monster which are:

  • The Belphegor: a buffed-up Hell Knight which shoots, bigger and faster fireballs which explode on contact. Two of these guys are the boss of the first world.
  • The tank: only found two times (if I remember correctly), on in a city map and another two in a bonus map, this thing is what it is. A tank that shoots you on sight. A direct hit in the face can kill you even with full health & armor. Its only weak point is the fuel tank in the rear: 1 or 2 rockets are all it takes to destroy it and make the tank useless.
  • The Cyberdemon lord: if you thought the cyberdemon was huge, well this one is about 5 times as big. If it stomps you it’s game over, can shoot exploding fireballs, and breath flames. It is fought one time only as a boss at the top of the Tower.
  • A beast (I forgot its name), which is the boss of the second world. Fast, can shoot exploding fireballs like a mortar and spawn little flames on the ground.
  • The final boss, which is a powered-up version of Doom 2’s final boss (even though this time you can hit it anywhere, not just on the little red hole): can shoot exploding fireballs (seems Mark really loves those) even in bursts of 4/5, can spawn random monsters on the battlefield, can shoot big flames that linger on the ground and finally can create 2/3 bolts from the sky which travel the battlefield diagonally.

A note on the final boss fight: It took me 53 minutes to defeat it, by abusing save states. It’s almost impossible without them, and even with save states it’s a challenge. A casual Doom player like me will have more than a hard time with it.
If that wasn’t enough, the recording didn’t exactly go as planned: about at 12:45 my microphone stopped recording my voice. Because of that, the entire muted footage was cut. Nothing particular was lost, since the whole fight followed this pattern:

  1. Save.
  2. Try to do some damage.
    1. If killed (or badly injured), then reload.
    2. Otherwise save.
  3. Repeat steps above

Too bad I couldn’t upload the full fight. But anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun playing through this mappack. HAve the Let’s Play:

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