Let’s Play #11: Brutal Doom

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brutal doom 1
Defeating a demon with the shotgun splatters its blood and body parts all over the place.


What’s Brutal Doom you may ask? Brutal Doom is a mod of the more well-known Doom for the Dos. If you remember Doom (or DooM whichever the one you like the most), it’s concept was pretty simple. You’re a marine who’s been sent on a special “punishment” mission after you attacked another marine higher in grade. The mission is to check what’s going on on the space base of the UAC, which has been reporting serious problems. You’re the last one of many other marines to arrive on the base, but all the others died. Soon you discover that the scientists of the UAC have opened a gateway for hell itself and the demons are spilling out of it, trying to invade the space bases, and later the Earth.

This game was one of the first first-person-shooters of all time. It was only preceded by Wolfenstein3D (which was produced by same software house of Doom, “Id Software”). But since it was played on the good-old Dos, the things you could do were limited. You had the arrow keys to move, CTRL to shoot, SPACE to open doors, ALT to strife and LSHIFT to run. The character could only look left and right, jumping wasn’t an option, leaping was. I actually have played through the original Doom once.

Brutal Doom wants to get rid of these limits. Thanks to the new technologies and new engines (such as Zandronum or GZDoom) to run Doom and its sequel Doom 2; a brazilian programmer, Sergeant Mark IV (real name Marcos Abenante), created a mod called Brutal Doom and he was even awarded the very first “Cacoward” for “Best gameplay mod” in 2011 and the MOTY (Mod of the year) award for creativity by “Mod DB” in 2012. Too bad that since November 2013 he was banned from from both the ZDoom and Zandronum forums, for the explicitness of his work and his not-web-friendly behavior.

But we’re here to talk about Brutal Doom, not about Sergeant Mark IV. Brutal Doom makes so many changes to Doom to make it more accessible and freeform. I’ll try to elencate some of the major changes:

brutal doom 2
Holding the BFG just after having defeated a small group of enemies.


First of all, freelooking. Thanks to the mouse, you can now look left, right, up, down, in whatever direction you want. There’s a jump option and a crouch option. Also the possibility of looking at the game in third person.

Second point is weapons: Most of them are remade. The pistol is now an assault rifle with a clip of 30 bullets. Left-click shoots, right click puts you in iron-sight mode, like modern FPSes. The shotgun now can only hold 8 shells at a time, then you need to reload it manually by pressing a button (by the way all weapons which have clips work like that). The minigun is almost the same except that it shoots faster, and with the right mouse button you can make the barrels rotate without shooting. The plasma gun has a 50 cell clip, and the possibility of shooting a shotgun-like shot with the right mouse button (uses 10 cells). The chainsaw can be now swung left and right or up and down. And when you are barehanded, you can either punch enemies or deliver slower but stronger jabs.

Third point is monsters: enemies are faster, stronger, hit harder, and are more clever. They’ll try to hide behind corners or in the shadows to surprise you. Some enemies (zombies for example) don’t always die after you power shot them with the shotgun, but might stay on the ground barely alive shooting you with a pistol. Think of it like a “Last hope” thing if you know what I mean. Recently even the Pink Demons have something like that. They sometimes only lose an arm and chase you even faster and are more angry than before (but worry not, they will collapse dead to the ground after a few seconds in this state).

Fouth point is: general brutality. There is a lot of blood in Brutal Doom. You have no idea. Not even a movie of Quentin Tarantino stands up to the amount of blood and gore you will see. Enemies when killed (especially with the shotgun or the rocket launcher) explode in thousands of pieces, fountains of blood and flesh are scattered everywhere. Killing them with a plasmagun burns their flesh and reveals their skeleton. But wait, there’s more! If you happen to come across a Berserk pack (enemies sometime drop a red rune which has the same effect) you will enter the “Rip and Tear” mode. In this mode you can execute special kills on the enemies if you attack them barehanded. These include: grabbing the stomach out of a zombie, ripping his head off (and then being able to throw it at other monsters), tearing the mouth of a demon in two, extracting the eye of a Cacodemon and so much more.

These are only a few things you can do in Brutal Doom. If you want an even more brutal and realistic experience, get Project Brutality. It’s another mod that enchants Brutal Doom even more with more modern weapons, more dual wielding and some more things. Oh yeah, did I mention that these mods are completely free of charge?!?

Oh yeah, almost forgot: you can get the mod here:

In my Let’s Play I go through the original map pack of Doom, with Brutal Doom version 19b. Of course, Brutal Doom is in constant development and will continue to improve during time. I also played a special map pack made by Sergeant Mark IV in another Let’s play, using Brutal Doom 20, so if you want to see that, check that Let’s play out.

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