Let’s Play #32: Bugs Bunny And Taz: Busters In Time

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Bugs atop the roofs of the third city.


This is yet another of those games I played when I was little, lost track of it later in my life and only recently began to play again. Bugs Bunny and Taz: Busters In Time isn’t a very hard game, and it was probably meant for kids due to its low difficulty.
I’m not saying it’s a bad game (heck, I’ve finished it three times) but like most games it has pros and cons.

In any case, the game’s story is a direct sequel to the previous Bugs Bunny game (I believe it was Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time) and in this game, Duffy Duck disrupts the time regulator by touching the Time Gem, creating a time-mess.
Bugs of course has to save the day, and to do that he must travel through four time eras, collecting the gears of time and recovering the Time Gem.
But unlike the previous title, where he was alone, this time Taz joins him.

This is, in my opinion a great idea, in term of gameplay. Most of the game was created so that the two characters have to help each other to overcome the difficulties they find.
You’ll learn many special moves during the game which require both characters. For example Bugs can jump on Taz head to go higher, and Taz can grab and launch Bugs to a far away platform.
This is great especially if you think that now the game can be played by two players, each controlling a different character.

Bugs solving a easy button pressing puzzle.


So yeah, the game is good in this sense: two characters, multiplayer possibility, and a variety of actions to perform. However the game progression has a big flaw. It’s repetitive.

How you may ask? I’ll explain. Every world has three boss tokens you need to collect: one in the main area, one in a sub area and one in a special course; and that thing is fine, I don’t mind that.
However to collect all the gears in the main area you have to go through several minigames. But those minigames repeat them selves over throughout the four worlds.

I’ll explain better with an example. In the first world, there is a minigame in which you must play drums. You do that by memorizing a sequence of buttons and repeating it.
In the second world, there is a minigame where you need to dance on the ice. You do that by memorizing a sequence of buttons and repeating it.
In the third world there is a minigame where you need to dance with a lady. You do that by memorizing a sequence of buttons and repeating it. See what’s going on?

The minigames are all played the same way, even though they increase in difficulty, they are really the same thing. Same with the sports minigames. You will be able to play small matches of Pelota (an ancient game similar to basketball if you didn’t know), Hockey, Soccer and Rugby.
Four very different games sure, but they’re all played by moving with the D-Pad and using Square to shoot or tackle an opponent. If you can win one of them, you can win them all as they’re all the same.
It would have been fun if both players could play these minigames and you could, like, pass the ball/disk/whatever to the other player. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen.

So that’s the only thing I don’t like about Bugs Bunny And Taz: Busters in Time. The minigames are repetitive. Apart from that the game is fun, the areas are big enough you need to explore them carefully if you don’t want to miss anything and some puzzles are kind of hard, expecially near the end.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Dec 28, 2016
-Last episode aired on: Feb 4, 2017
-Number of episodes: 20
-Total time of Let’s Play: 6 hours and 40 minutes.

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