Let’s Play #17: Cave Story

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cave story 1
The main character in the Mimiga Village, trying to reach a treasure chest.


Here’s another game I loved. Not on the levels of other games like Wonder Project J2 but still. Cave Story was a great adventure overall. It has simple controls, simple mechanics and challenging bosses. Also Cave Story was a special Let’s Play made for my 2 years on YouTube.

The game is a 2D shooter like Megaman or Jazz Jackrabbit 2, with a tiny bit of RPG added to it. While most of these kind of games focus on one level at a time, Cave Story still follows a linear path but it gives you more freedom to explore and to replay previous areas. The plot isn’t even explained to you: at the beginning you see a scientist sending a distress message to someone called Sue asking to get him out of his prison. Then you are thrown into action in a random cave without any further info on what happened.

Your character’s name isn’t revealed, though it is implied to be “Quote”. Anyway, after exiting the first cave you’ll end up by stealing a gun from a chest. Later on, you will get more weapons and each of those has different effects, pros and cons you need to learn in order to defeat enemies more efficiently.

I would like to talk more about the story of Cave Story, but that would be kind of spoilerly so how about we’ll give you a list of Quote’s weaponry and the best way to use them. Beware though! Some of the weapons aren’t obtainable unless you perform certain actions. That’s right, because another thing I like about Cave Story is that there are many different endings, but not only that. There are weapons you can only get if you do certain things, and getting those locks you out from getting others weapons later on, so you have to choose which weapon to get.

cave story 2
Fighting enemies in the Labyrinth with a sword.


Also another thing I should mention about weapons in Cave Story is levels. When you defeat enemies you get experience out of them in forms of yellow triangles, Collecting enough of them, raises your weapon level, making it more powerful and maybe even shoot different shots. Be super extra careful though! Taking damage makes you lose experience, usually dropping the level of the weapons. Weapons levels range from 1 (lowest) to 3 (highest)

Polar Star (Default): This is what you start with. Shoots a single beam forward.

  • Level 1: Short beam, deals 1 damage. (10 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Double beam, more range, deals 2 damage. (20 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Bigger beam, more range, deals 4 damage. (10 xp to MAX level)

Rocket Launcher: Found in a chest in the Egg corridor, this thing shoots high damage rockets. The ammo is limited, but refills can be obtained from enemies and you can find powerups to increase the maximum amount of rockets you can carry. There is also a power up that increase the damage output of the rockets, making it a Super Rocket Launcher.

  • Level 1: Shoots one rocket, 8 damage, 20 if Super. (10 xp to next level, 30 if Super)
  • Level 2: Shoots a bigger faster rocket, 15 damage, 28 if Super. (20 xp to next level, 60 if Super)
  • Level 3: Shoots three rockets, 8 damage each 14 each if Super. (10 xp to MAX level)

Fireball (Required): This is a required weapon found in the Grasslands. It shoots fireballs that bounce on the ground, affected by gravity. Really useful to hit enemies that are below you. Also works great on bosses.

  • Level 1: Can shoot up to 2 fireballs, each deals 2 damage. (10 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Can shoot up to 3 fireballs, each deals 6 damage. (20 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Can shoot up to 4 fireballs, each deals 6 damage. (20 xp to MAX level)

Bubbleline: Found by pulling out the fire at King’s house by using the juice. This is more a support weapon than an offensive one, but can shoot really far away and hit lots of targets. The ammo is limited but it recharges over time.

  • Level 1: Shoot small bubbles, small range, each deals 1 damage. (10 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Shoot small bubbles, medium range, each deals 2 damage. (20 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Mashing the shoot button, shoots bubbles straight forward with huge range. Hiding the button creates a shield of bubbles around quote which protects him. After a while, they start popping, shooting bubbles forward for 3 damage each

Machine-Gun (Prevents you from getting Spur and Snake): Acquired from Curly by giving away the Polar Star, It works in a similar way to the Bubbline but it’s way stronger.

  • Level 1: Short beams, low range, 2 damage each. (30 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Bigger beams, medium range, 4 damage each. (40 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Huge beams, long range, 6 damage each. Can be used to propel your self in the air, by shooting down while airborne. (10 xp to MAX level)

Blade (Required): Throws a single rotating sword forward. Its really high damage output makes it great to use on bosses.

  • Level 1: High range, small hit box, deals 15 damage. (30 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Small range, bigger hit box, deals 18 damage. (60 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Shoots an image of King. If it hits, can deal up to 80 damage and hits all nearby enemies for low damage. (0 xp to MAX level)

Snake (Prevents you from getting the Spur): To get it, you must trade the Polar Star and the Fireball to the shop in the Labyrinth. It is the only weapon that ignores walls.

  • Level 1: Small range, 4 damage each. (30 xp to next level)
  • Level 2: Medium range, 6 damage each. (40 xp to next level)
  • Level 3: Long range, 8 damage each. (16 xp to MAX level)

Spur (Prevents you from getting the Snake): By far the best weapon in the game when considering all of its perks. Obtained by bringing the Polar Star back to its original place, this gun is basically a Polar Star level 3, when it’s on level 1. It doesn’t level up, but can be charged by holding down the shoot button to fire a beam of destruction.

  • Level 2: Single beam, up to 15 damage.
  • Level 3: Double beams, up to 50 damage damage.
  • Level MAX: Bigger beam, up to 150 damage.

Nemesis: Acquired by picking up the small man from the graveyard and bringing it to his home on the lower portion of the Outer Wall; then trading the Blade with him. This weapon is unique since leveling up only makes it worse, and it only takes 1 experience to level it up to 2 and 1 more to level it up to 3. Keep it at level 1 at all costs!

  • Level 1: Shoots fast bolts with high ranges, 12 damage each. Best DPS (damage per second) in the entire game.
  • Level 2: Shoots smaller bots, less range, 6 damage each.
  • Level 3: Shoots chicks, really small range, 1 damage each.

Now you know everything there is to know about Cave Story so I guess the only thing left for you to do is to play it yourself, or watch my Let’s play!

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: May 2, 2015
-Last episode aired on: Apr 12, 2015
-Number of episodes: 15
-Total time of Let’s Play: 7 hours and 22 minutes