Contact me

Yo, I’m always looking forward to your feedback. If you want to contact me there are a number of ways: Over to the right of the page there are links to various Social Networks I’m registered in. You can send me a message there if you want.

Among the social networks, Facebook is the one in which I’m the most active. Expect really quick answers if you contact me there. Second comes YouTube. I rarely even access Twitter.

I won’t put my e-mail address in here for spam reasons. I use my e-mail only for serious stuff and I don’t want it flooded by junk. If you ever want to know my e-mail you can contact me through any of the afromentioned means.

If you can’t send me a message on Social Networks, there’s still this contact form down here. Fill that up and hit send. I’ll recieve a message here on my blog. I won’t guarantee you an immediate answer though since I will rarely access the blog, unless I have to do administrative stuff or post specific articles.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!