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Certain Let’s Plays are simple to plan and to make, some others are the exact opposite. Since let’s playing has the purpose of giving people who watch the impression of playing the game, the more complete and detailed the Let’s Play is, the better the experience of the viewer.

When planning a LP I often need to write down some notes on how to proceed, which things I have to do, etc. in order to don’t leave anything behind.

What follows are scans of my notes sheets divided by LP. They can all be downloaded for free if you feel the notes can be of any use to you.

If you’re interested, pay attention on what language the file is in (it’s written at the end of the link to the file). Some of those infact were written in Italian because it was easier for me to write them.

If for some reason the PDFs show as blank or don’t open up at all, try changing browser or download and open them. As I’m writing this, Firefox is known to have problems in opening them, while Chrome seems to open them correctly.

As of now, you can find all notes of future and past LPs, at this link of a Google Drive folder.

Wonder Project J2

This only took one simple page. The problem here was planning which of the 25 achievements do in each episode.

Looking closely in this PDF, you can find some Zelda drawings near the bottom and a hint on how to resolve one of Ib’s puzzle near the top.

PDF File: Wonder_Project_J2_ITA-ENG

Secret Of Evermore

Some intresting notes containing a “To-Do” list on page 1, while page 2 contains some more detailed info about spells, levelling, trading sequences, puzzles and other tidbits.

Fun Fact: In the first Episode of the LP, I couldn’t find the notes so I really started using them from episode 2.

PDF File: Secret_Of_Evermore_ENG

Mother 3

Another “To-Do” list accopained by the boss’ HP and levels when PSI is learned on page 2. On the bottom of page 2, you can also find some Binding Of Isaac seeds I’ve written there randomly.

PDF File: Mother3_ENG


A simple guide on the order of the levels along with where to find every powerup/communicator piece/team doll

PDF File: Exhumed_ENG

Bugs Bunny And Taz: Busters In Time

This PDF contains detailed information about how many gears are found in each of the small areas of the game.

PDF File: Bugs_Bunny_And_Taz_Busters_In_Time_ENG

Croc 2

This file contains a list of which items are required in each level as well as two more random seed from The Binding Of Isaac.

PDF File: Croc2_ITA

Final Fantasy VII

One of the biggest files on this page, Final Fantasy VII required a lot of planning. Of the 11 pages in the pdf, 6 where used for the things to do during the story line, 2 to track down the kills for each character, 2 for strategies to defeat the two WEAPONs and 1 last page of extra info.

PDF File: Final_Fantasy_VII_ENG


This one didn’t really require a lot of planning. The game is mostly linear, so the main part of the nots boil down to the usual “to-do” list. The last two pages contain info about characters and Deathblows.


Pandora’s Tower

Easy one: just a list of all the towers, special items for each tower, the max flesh reward and other little things. Also I had noted down the names of the bosses.


Advance Wars

List of a the missions in the game as a checklist, to be sure not to miss anything..