Let’s Play #29: Exhumed

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Defeating an enemy using the M-60.


“Duke may rock, but Ramses rules!” This line was found on the official website for this game. In the years of its release, First Person Shooters were having a great success: Doom, Wolfenstein3D, Duke Nukem were just a few of the many titles out there.

Exhumed (also named “Powerslave”, which is also the name of the fifth album by the Iron Maiden) tries to use the same formula of the first FPS of thoses days but giving the player some more freedom instead of linearity.

Take Doom for example. The player could just run and shoot. And the levels are explored one after the other in a very linear way. In Exhumed all of this changes.
First of all the player can’t just run. They can jump, swim and eventually kind of fly. And they can look up and down, which wasn’t a thing in the original Doom. Looking around is important as some enemies will attack you from different heights so you need to be prepared.

Secondly, the game requires you to visit the levels more than once. That’s because the levels have often more than one exit, which leads to other levels. And to get all the items in the levels you may need to come back later when you will acquire a powerup which allows you to get it. Exhumed was always focused more on the exploration side rather than on the “Shoot the monsters” side. Tricks and traps are everywhere, after all you’re exploring the ancient Egypt!

Picking up symbols or pressing switches might open doors for you, but also activate traps.


Exhumed has also a unique way of dealing with weapons. Apart from the weapons themselves, which range from classics, like the Pistol and the M-60 to more unique ones like the Ring of Ra or the almighty Sacred Manacle, the way the game deals with ammo is different from every FPS I’ve played so far.

Usually in FPS you gather different kinds of ammo, each for a certain weapon. In Exhumed this doesn’t apply: breaking the pots in the levels and killing the enemies spawns blue or red spheres. Red ones are Health pick-ups, while blue ones are “weapon power” which means you can pick them up to give ammo to any weapon you want (the one you are wielding). This adds a certain degree of strategy as you may need to give more ammo to a certain weapon, depending on the situation you are in.

Another thing about pick ups is that they don’t disappear until you leave the level, which is great because you don’t have to rush an pick them before they disappear; they just don’t.

The Magmantises: the most powerful enemies in the game.


Another thing I liked a lot about this game was the map system. I remember in Doom how you were able to either view the map or the field, you couldn’t look at both at the same time. In Exhumed this is possible, via the use of a transparent map which overlaps with the player view. Of course you can decide to see this map or not, by toggling it in the inventory menu.

Even after the main storyline, Exhumed has more to offer: a grand total of 23 “Team Dolls” are hidden in the levels, usually in places which are very hard to find. Finding them all does nothing except giving you the satisfaction of 100%.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Aug 25, 2016
-Last episode aired on: Sep 17, 2016
-Number of episodes: 23
-Total time of Let’s Play: 5 hours and 32 minutes.

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