The Magical Land Of EYEZmaze

The EYEZmaze website is a wesbite (duh) in which you can find very nice flash games. What it became famous for however, is its series of “Grow” games.

The Grow games are games in which you are given a blank landscape, sphere or other things and several objects. You can use this objects and they will place themselves somewhere. The concept is that the objects “grow” every time you place another object.

For example: suppose you use a seed. When you place it, nothing happens, but when you use another object the seed will “grow” into a sprout and “Level up”. Place another object and it might grow again into a tree and so on.

The objective of these games is to make all objects grow as much as possible which translates into finding the sequence (and there is only one) in which you need to use the objects. Some objects infact need to interact with one another or their growth will stop.

The idea of this “Grow” mechanic is great in my opinion, as it is the music of this games. And I sometimes play these games again just to see the objects growing and growing. Each game tells its little story and seeing what happens at the end of every game it’s very worth the effort of finding the sequence on your own.

I’ve created a playlist with solutions to all Grow games I’ve played so far, and that’s what this playlist is.

You can find all the Grow games at the EYEZmaze site: