Flash Games

This is a very old playlist where I played some online flash games.

Elephant Rave:
A very short game in which you control a blue elephant and you have dodge lasers coming from the sky. Though very short, is worth playing just for the music.

This is the only level:
The blue elephant returns in a game where you need to pass several levels who look all the same but each time the rules you need to follow are different.

Multitask is an endurance game, where you must do 4 tasks at the same time: balancing a ball, moving a square, dodge the spikes and jump the barriers. Very simple concept but also very challenging. It doesn’t have a end, you just have to endure as much as possible.

Obey The Game:
Featuring the little blue elephant again, this time you are given a sequence of tasks you need to perform as quickly as possible; however sometimes you’ll need to do the opposite! It’s an endurance game, which requires a lot of focus from the player.

Learn to fly:
Penguins have always dreamed to fly, and so a brave one decides to build contraptions to do it. In this game you attempt to make a penguin fly by building things and earning money by flying in the sky. It’s not a very long game, but it’s fun and it’s sequels (“Learn 2 Fly” and “Learn to Fly 3”) offer a lot more to see.

This is the only level TOO:
Sequel to “This is the only level” this game is pretty similar to the original but many new levels to have fun in.

This is the only level 3:
After “This is the only level TOO” comes this game. With better grafics and level designs brings many new ways to interact with the only level there is.

Escape the Prison:
Part of a series of games, you need to help Henry Stickman to escape a prison by making choises, but not all of those are correct of course!

Stealing the Diamond:
Henry Stickman from “Escaping the prison” is back and this time he tries to steal a huge valuable diamond held in a museum.

Red Ball:
A simple platform game with a bouncing red ball as protagonist. However, it can prove to be very challenging…

Red Ball 2:
Sequel of the previous title, it brings more challenging levels to the mix.