Let’s Play #28: Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge

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Frogger in one of the volcano levels.


You’re probably familiar with the videogame “Frogger”. It was an old arcade game in which a frog needed to cross the road multiple times in order to get back to his home. And it was hard.

Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge follows the basic principles of all so called “frogger-like games”: a series of levels (divided in a lot of squares) where your character can jump while trying to avoid the many obstacles in their path.

In Frogger 2, you follow the adventure of two frogs, Frogger and his “frog-friend” Lilliefrog whose babies where kidnapped by the evil crocodile Swampy. On thier quest to get them back, you will need to travel through different locations, each with his own enemies, music and backgrounds.

Lilliefrog in her introduction level doing a super-jump.


What, in my opinion, is good about “frogger-like games” is that they are easy to understand. The concept is really simple: getting to the end of the level. So the game doesn’t really need to explain you a lot. All the controls are pretty simple: D-Pad to move, X to power jump over high ledges, Square to find other frogs (which by the way you need to save in order to finish the level).

But then again, even if frog-like games try to be unique by introducing new mechanics they become kind of boring half way through, because even though the enemies look different they behave all in the same way: either they run staright forward or in a fixed path. Just some enemies are actually intresting to deal with, like the beasts on the lab level, however it’s a shame we only get to see them for a level or two and then they don’t appear anymore.

Navigating on the coffins might not be so easy.


But enough chit-chat, let’s go straight to the Let’s Play, which was all recorded in a single afternoon. You can tell this by the number of lives which carry on between episodes.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Aug 16, 2016
-Last episode aired on: Aug 24, 2016
-Number of episodes: 9
-Total time of Let’s Play: 1 hour and 30 minutes