Future Projects

In this page you can find my future projects that I want to turn into a Let’s Play sooner or later. That won’t mean they’ll come out in the order below though.

This list isn’t complete nor definitive. Titles might get added or deleted as I please so don’t be surprised if a game disappears out of nowhere.

Let’s Play currently completed: 40
Let’s Plays currently on queue: 28

Update 19/10/2018: Wii/ Wii U games have been added at the bottom of the list!

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend Of Zelda Majora Mask


The sequel to the more well known “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time”: a journey of child Link through the gloomy land of Termina shows us a dark side of the Zelda universe.








When Lydia, the newest apprentice of the Dragonvale academy of magic arrives for her first day of school, she discovers that the school is deserted. Even her best friend Celeste seems missing, just her beloved keepsake was left. Lydia’s only help to unravel the Mysteries of Dragonvale is a dragon who’s been turned into a wolf…



Golden Sun + Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age

golden sun


Alchemy is what everything in the world is made of. And it was so powerful it was sealed away. But when someone attempts to break that seal, Isaac and his best friend Garet must leave on a quest to stop the power of alchemy from being released…





Remì is a rat. He’s always lived with his clan: his family. But deep inside, he knew he was meant for much more. To be precise: he wants to be a chef! But life isn’t easy when you’re a small rat wandering the depths of Paris.



Super Mario RPG

super mario rpg


Bowser has kidnapped princess Peach again, but not even Bowser guessed that, this time, he isn’t the real enemy. Something bigger is approaching Mushroom Kingdom, and everyone (and I mean everyone) has to bind toghether and fight back, united!




Advance Wars

advance wars


When it comes to war, the nations of Orange Star and Blue Moon can’t be mentioned. When Blue Moon attacks Orange Star, its new COs, Andy Max and Sami will fight the enemy. But is Blue Moon the real enemy?



The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap

zeldaminishcapThe Evil Vaati managed to spread monsters in Hyrule by breaking the seal on them  put by the Four Sword. Zelda has been turned into a statue and it’s up to you to save the day!





One Shot


One day, the cat-like child Niko woke up in a strange world, bound to ruin due to its missing sun. It’s up to you to bring the sun back…or will your task be entirely different?







Justin wants to be an adventurer just like his dad. And so he sets out on an adventure which will bring him to explore the whole world and fight and an ancient evil being…





The Ice Age 2: The Meltdown



Follow Scrat in the world of the Ice Age, in his quest to collect as many acorns as possible.



Star Ocean: The Second Story



Young Ensign in the Earth Federation Claude, departs on his first mission in space and is accidentally teleported on an underdeveloped planet. Will he be able to come back home?





The realm of Kingsway is about to be invaded by an obsucure enemy and demands a hero to save it. Will we be able to answer the call, via this cluncky interface?


Enigma Force: The Regiment



You are the newest member of the SAS Regiment and you must complete the mission assigned to you hoping to find out how your friend Frank got lost in action in South America…





Knights Of Pen And Paper

Knight of pen and paper

You usual RPG session was going great as always but suddently the fiction mixed with the reality and it’s up to you and your loyal friends to save both the kingdom of Pen And Paper and the real world.




cupheadWell, Cuphead and his pal Mugman, They like to roll the dice. By chance they came ‘pon Devil’s game, and gosh, they paid the price! And now they’re fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread. And if they proceed but don’t succeed…Well…
The Devil will take their heads!”



Ys Seven

The two adventurers for life Adol Christin and his friend Dogi, arrive in the land of Altago in search for adventures, and they end up fighting for the future of Altago and its people.



Chrono Cross


Serge, a normal boy living in the El Nido archipelago, one day slips into another parallel dimenson. He must then find a way to return to his home world and set things straight with a mysterious man called Lynx…



Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished


In his most recent remake, we follow the first adventure of Adol Christin in search for the six book of Ys in order to stop an ancient evil from spreading…



Ys II: The Final Chapter


Now in the land of Ys itself, Adol Christin the famous adventurer is now tasked to stop a powerful demon, source of all magic in the world.



Ys: The Oath in Felghana (Ys III)

Deciding to pay a visit to his best friend Dogi’s hometown, Adol Christin wounds up in yet another adventure to stop an anctient evil being from resurrecting…




Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim


During his last boat trip, adventurer Adol Christin is stranded onto the Canaan island. While trying to escape, he’ll have to confront a powerful weather changing device who threatens the human kind.




The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Everyone was living happy lives in the kingdom of Hyrule, but one day some dark monsters attacked the land and turned it into the land of Twilight. Will you be the one to bring peace back to Hyrule?


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Without any memories but his name, the young swordsman Link wakes up in a strange chamber. Outside is the kindgom of Hyrule, ravaged by monsters and conquered by a dark entity a hundred years before. Will Link find a way to restore the kingdom’s former glory?


Paper Mario

Bowser’s at it again! He kidnapped princess peach but this time he has the power of the Star Rod by his side, which makes him so powerful not even Mario can defeat him. It’s up to him to find a way to counterattack by exploring the whole mushroom kingdom.



Xenoblade Chronicles

After the Homs, the people of Bionis, have defeated their mechanical invasors from Mechonis, the Mechon, peace returned in their homes. But when the Mechon attack again, the young boy Shulk must depart on a quest to stop them again; along with the power of a mysterious sword: the Monado…



During a relax trip into deep space, the spaceship of capt. Olimar is hit by an asteroid and crashes on an unknown planet. The athmosphere is toxic to Olimar and he has only 30 days to recover the broken pieces of his ship. Will someone (or something) come to his aid?


Pikmin 2

After successfully escaping from the planet he crash landed on, capt. Olimar returns home but finds that his space travelling company is in deep debt. He must then return to the planet he crashed on and gather treasure to repay it all!


Pikmin 3

The planet Koppai is running out of food resources and so their abitants are looking for new foods in distant planets. When they found one, they sent an investigation squad, but something got horrybly wrong. Will they make it back to Koppai?