Let’s Play #28: Hack RUN + Hack Run ZERO

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Trying to send a radio signal via the simple interface of the game.


Another Let’s Play which contains more than one game. In this case we have two: “Hack RUN” and “Hack run ZERO”. Those games came out some time ago from iOS and Android and the series also comprehend 3 more games on iOS only. Since I don’t have a iPhone, the first two tiles are the ones I have been able to play.

So, what are this games about? Well you’re an hacker an you’ve been assigned a task from a mysterious organization to hack into another mysterious organization. Both games start like this. The difference is in the story, which I’m no going to spoiler of course.

The great thing about these games is that your interface of play is a command line. Most of the game’s action are performed through a series of commands that you input rom the keyboard. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a genius in IT to play it, as you can learn all of the comands avaiable by typing “help” at any moment during the game.

But the thing is that even through the simple interface of a command line, the game still manages to be entertaining and full of plot twists which will make you want to continue playing to see what will happen next.

By navigating the web, we can access some hidden secrets.


A really nice thing abou this puzzle game, because at the end of the day Hack Run is a puzzle game, is its very powerful hint system. At any point through the game you can type “hint” to get an hint about what you need to do, and if you give up you can type “answer” to get the series of inputs you are required to do. With these powerful tools at hand it’s basically impossible to be stuck and waste time to look online for a walkthorugh.

I had so much fun playing through the two Hack Runs. And I’m sure you can have fun too. Check out the two games, or watch my Let’s Play if you’re lazy and don’t want to install it on your smartphone.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Aug 5, 2016
-Last episode aired on: Aug 15, 2016
-Number of episodes: 13
-Total time of Let’s Play: 3 hours and 20 minutes