Let’s Play #39: Minecraft Skyblock Revolution

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Fighting a zombie on the main island.

I wanted to make a Let’s Play about Minecraft but the main problem here was: how to do Let’s Play a game which potentially has no end?

I mean sure, since they added the Enderdragon boss at The End, Minecraft does have a end, but it is a potentially infinite game.

So what can we do? Luckly, due to Minecraft being a game which requires lots of computing resoures to run smootly, I mostly played a custom map named “Skyblock” which is a very light map to play.

Skyblock is a very famous custom map, if not the most famous Minecraft custom map of all. The concept is pretty simple: instead of starting on a normal world, you start on a little island suspended in mid-air, with nothing around you if not the sky.

Trees and dirt are a very useful resourse in Skyblock, even though scarce.

The island only hosts a single tree and a chest. While the chest contains only two items, these two items are incredibly useful: a block of ice and a bucket of lava.

Starting with these two things, lava and ice, it is possible to create an infinite source of cobblestone; which will allow us to expand our little staring island and more…

There is infact one more little island on the map, which provides you with 10 blocks of obsidian, needed to enter the nether and claim a couple more objects. And from there, you can create your own world.

That being said, this map we are playing is a modification of Skyblock made by me. I infact added two more little island to make things a little more interesting and added a few items, otherwise impossible to obtain.

With these items, our usual Skyblock experience is enhanced: we can now build underground buildings and breed animals and make bigger farms than we could before.

Building some farms, like a sugar cane farm, is of the utmost importance.

Overall, it was a pretty fun series to record. Infact, in order to make some of the things I’ve done in the videos, I had to make some research in the mechanics of Minecraft (for example how light works, how monster drops work, how trees grow, etc…)

And even if Skyblock is supposedly without an end, I found a way to end the series anyway: after doing all I though was possible. I created a long-ass bridge to the mainland (yes, there is land in skyblock and is more then 700 blocks away from your starting point) and ended the series there.

This mod of Skyblock I’ve can also be downloaded for free, just check and of the videos descriptions and click the link there.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Feb 24, 2018
-Last episode aired on: Apr 05, 2018
-Number of episodes: 21
-Total time of Let’s Play: 7 hours, 10 minutes