Other Projects

Apart from all my Let’s Plays, I also record other kinds of videos from time to time. Most of them are still video-game related, some are not. In this page you can find links to those “side-projects”

Flash Games

Pretty old playlist filled with me playing some browser flash games some of those are commented some are not.


A speedrun aims to finish a game as quickly as possible and, in some cases, with some rules which restrict what you can use to do so. A longplay, on the other hand is just playing a videogame in one non-stop session.

Town of Salem

Several matches on the “mafia-like” browser game called Town Of Salem. Some of the videos have commentary some do not, and some have italian commentary, due to me playing with some of my friends.

The Magical Land of EYEZmaze

A series of videos which showcase the various games you can find in the site www.eyezmaze.com home of the famous “grow”games.

Recording trials

In order to see whether is possible to record a game or not, and how to record it, I have to make some tests first. Here you find them.

Theia: The Crimson Eclipse (Blind)(ITA)

(this page is written in italian)
An awseome old-style RPG which is curretly only in italian, though an english translation is in progress. Will be turned into an english LP, as soon as the translation is finished.

Short videos

A bunch of short videos, some taken from LPs, some from other random stuff.


Old playlist of videos of collaborations with other people. Can contain italian commentary