A speedrun is playing a game start to finish as quickly as possible, sometimes with special rules; while a longplay is simply playing a game start to finish in one big session.

I had some games which I wanted to make a Let’s Play out of them, but due to them being very short, or for other reasons, I instead decided to make a Longplay.

Info for each video below the playlist:

Buggy (PC):
A very old game about races between little radio controlled cars. It’s a shame that on Windows 7 onward the game cannot be installed correctly. You can still play the game by running the game from the CD but you will not be able to save. Thus I had to make one big video to showcase everything about Buggy. The game itself is not that long, and the races are very interesting due to the powerup system: imagine Mario Kart but with less powers and the ability to choose which power you want by making a combination of colors. This is Buggy.

Rayman 3 Speedrun – All cages collected:
Mind that this is not a serious speedrun of Rayman 3. People can finish Rayman 3 in a lot less time. However it shows that with little effort it’s possible to finish it in a little bit more than 3 hours.

Fire and Ice:
Probably the oldest game I’ve shown on my channel, Fire and Ice is an awsome game for the Amiga where the Cool Coyote must travel the world to save his puppies from the evil Fire Pharaoh. The game is a 2D platformer, with great music and challenging levels. It uses a “freezing” mechanic to deal with the enemies in which you need to shoot the enemies to freeze them and then touch them to finish them off.

Pahelika: Secret Legend
This is the story of a man trying to recover the ancient magical artifact Pahelika: a book which defeated the demon lord Asura in the past. It’s a fun puzzle game where you need to find objects to perform actions in the environment. If you’re into puzzle games, you’ll really like Pahelika.

The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth, Seeded run)
The binding of Isaac has you take control of the child named Isaac, whose mom was trying to kill after a voice from above told her to. Isaac must escape through the depths of the earth to, hopefully, save himself and his soul, battling the force of the devil with his tears. Fans of rogue games will love this title. This run was made on the “Rebirth” update of the game.

I’m Scared: A pixelated nightmare.
A horror-puzzle game developed by an Italian team, I’m Scared is a well made horror game with neat puzzles to solve that go beyond the game itself. If you like game which break the 4th wall, check this one out.

In this old-style platform you take control of captain Viridian who shipwrecked his spaceship on an unknown world and must find his crew. A simple game with one single basic concept but that can keep you entertained for a long time.

One of the most iconic Valve title, Portal will guide you thorugh the Aperture Laboratories while you use portals to solve the various puzzles around the rooms. You will end up thinking everything with portals.

The long-waited spiritual sequel to Undertale is also pretty short, but very fun to play. If you liked Undertale you’ll like this one!

Zelda Twilight Princess: Wooden Sword Challenge
A challenge in which I use a glitch to play this game with the, otherwise unobtainable, wooden sword which is the weakest weapon in the game. I playthrough the first three dungeons only, because continuing with the game would eventually make the sword disappear.

Super Mario 64: 50 Star Run
I played a lot of Super Mario 64 and to celebrate 6 years of the channel, I completed the game as fast as I could, by collecting only 50 stars.

A RPG Maker game made by the same person behind Theia: The Crimson Eclipse. A short interactive adventure about the journey of a girl and her wolf.