Let’s Play #1: Super Mario 64 Star Road

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super mario 64 star road
The entrance of Peach’s summer residence, where the adventure takes place.


There it is: my first let’s play! Super Mario 64 Star Road! Wow it brings me back soooo many memories. With so many games I could have chosen to start my adventure in the world of YouTube, this one stood atop the others. Why? Well let’s see:

Super Mario 64 Star road is an hack of the more well known Super Mario 64 made by someone named Skelux, a Super Mario 64 hacker. This game was a very very big project and offers you 15 more worlds to explore, as well as a new overworld and so many different and unique bonus levels. Not only that, but if you played the original Super Mario 64 you’ll feel the same as you did in that game when you first played it.

super mario 64 star road first boss
The first boss arena, where you need to fight some giant pirana plants.


I remember the first time I saw my dad playing Super Mario 64, and we wondered where the stars were, where the hidden things were, it was a real adventure. After a while, and after you play some minor hacks though, things start getting a little predictable. But not in this hack! Things are well hidden again, with new mechanics, new way to hide secrets and new bosses. Infact, another thing I loved about this game are the bosses. In the original Super Mario 64, there where 3 main bosses. And all of them are Bowser. The only thing that changed was the arena and what could Bowser do.

In Super Mario 64 Star Road, the first boss isn’t even a monster. The first boss fight plays in an arena with loads of enemies and traps and your objective is to kill five giants pirana plants. And what about the extra challenge unlocked after you completed the game? That’s another amazing idea.

Getting all the stars makes it possible to access an hidden level (I challenge you to complete it, trust me it’s hard), and at the end of it, Yoshi itself challenges you to test your skills as a player. He tells you he hid 10 “Fake stars” around the maps and tells you to get them. Those stars are so well hidden, it takes a life time just to find where they are, another life time to find a way to get there, and another one to actually get there.

super mario 64 star road final course
Part of level 15, underneath the lunar base


So that’s why I’ve chosen Super Mario 64 Star Road to be my first Let’s Play ever. I always loved Super Mario 64, but this game, in my opinion, brings up the full potential of it. Challenging you from the very beginning to the very end. And never stops surprising you.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: May 4, 2013
-Last episode aired on: May 28, 2013
-Number of episodes: 25
-Total time of Let’s Play: 7 hours