Let’s Play #10: Super Mario 64

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super mario 64 1
Exploring the inner courtyard of the castle.


My 10th Let’s Play. And also the Let’s Play in which I celebrated 1 year on YouTube. And one of the most famous games of all time.

Everyone knows Super Mario 64 right? When the Nintendo 64 came out, this game and Plilotwings 64 where two of the games you could buy the console with (or at least this is what I remember). Super Mario 64 became rapidly a great success, selling more then 11 millions of copies worldwide. Nowadays we still remember Super Mario 64 as one of the greatest games of all time. But why?

Well, first of all Super Mario 64 is also the first 3D game of our favorite plumber. Before it, we could only control him in the second dimension. But now there’s so much more to do. Mario has so much more freedom in what he can do. He can of course jump and crouch but now there’s also backflipping, longjumping, punching, kicking, grabbing, flying wall-kicking and more. Many games went through this change of being able to break free from the restrictions of the 2D, when the N64 came out, like Bomberman Hero or Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

But generally speaking, Super Mario 64 was a great adventure that also includes some mystery to it. The castel was full of weird secrets other than the 15 main paintings, some of which were mysterious by themselve. For example: when you are looking for Level 10, you will find a room with a big mirror a lots of paintings. Looking in the mirror, you can see a painting that there isn’t in the room. Same as Level 8‘s painting which is the wall at the end of a dead end. Then we have Level 11: depending of how high you jump into the painting, the water’s level will raise or lower. And what about Level 13? You could either start as tiny or big depending whether you jumped into the right or left painting.

super mario 64 2
Trying to catch the monkey on course 12: Tall Tall Mountain


Recently though, I’ve been clashing myself with a new aspect of Super Mario 64: not the hacking of Super Mario 64, which has a really great community of hackers and modders but the way Super Mario 64 works internally. How it handles Mario, the objects, anything really.

There’s a guy on YouTube who decided to complete Super Mario 64 at 100% without pressing A. For those who don’t know, the A button is what makes Mario jump, thus it’s an almost mandatory button to press. But with studies on the game’s internal functions and the abuse of in game glitches (not cheats) this guy that goes under the name of Pannenkoek2012, has been able to complete most of the stars without pressing A. Hackers and players are continuously trying to find new ways to exploit the game’s behaviors to their advantage and, from time to time, a new glitch is discovered that might lead to new ways to save A presses.

In his videos not only you can see amazing ways to play Super Mario 64, but he also explains how to do what he does. So I discovered so many things like cloning, backward-speed and last but not least, Parallel-Universes! Seeing all this makes me think that Super Mario 64 it’s a greater game then we all imagine. And nobody really knows what other mysteries Super Mario 64 holds hidden in its code…

Anyway, onto my Let’s Play: since it was kind of a special Let’s Play for 1 Year On YouTube I decided to kinda dress up as Mario as I played. And it was so much fun.

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: May 2, 2014
-Last episode aired on: May 22, 2014
-Number of episodes: 20
-Total time of Let’s Play: 6 hours