Town Of Salem

Town of Salem is an online browser based game which implements a variation of the famous “Mafia” game.

In Town of Salem, players take the roles of the citiziens of a town. The plot says that in the town, a small group of criminals (the Mafia) is trying to obtain control of it by killing whoever doesn’t stay on thier side.

The players are randomly divided into townies (the good guys) and Mafia members (the bad guys). The catch is that, if you’re part of the town, you don’t know who are the other townies are; on the other hand the few Mafia members have knowledge of their teammates.

“Mafia-like” game all rely on this simple concept: an uninformed majority (the Town) vs an informed minority (the Mafia). If you play as a town member you need to investigate and try to point out who you think are the members of the mafia, while if you are the mafia you need to blend in with the town and cooperate with your teammates to gain the upped hand.

In Town of Salem however, there isn’t just the Town and the Mafia (with each having their own unique themed roled such as the Sheriff and the Mayor or the Godfather and the Framer) but also other neutral roles who have other objectives. Some of those play with themselves (like the Serial Killer), some others are bad (ex: the Witch) and some can cooperate with other players (like Survivors)

The game is composed of two phases: day and night, which repeat over and over until a team come out victorious. During the night, players use the ability of their roles (if possible) in order to kill, investigate, or do other things while the Mafia members can speak to each other and decide who to kill next.

After the night is over, the day comes. During this phase, the players will see who died during the night, and what role they were. They can then discuss with each other to share their thoughts. The objective is to vote a player to eliminate from the game (which is how the Town can get rid of the bad guys). A player is put on a stand if 50%+1 of the alive players vote for them, and then all other players must either vote “Guilty”, “Innocent” or abstain. If the “Guilty” votes are more than the “Innocent” the player is eliminated from the game and his role revealed to all.

Overall, I really like these kind of games. They are fun games you can play with friends and every game is different from the previous one. In my playlist you can see some of the games of Town Of Salem that I’ve played. Some of them have italan commentary some have english commentary, some don’t have commentary at all.

Play the game yourself here: