Let’s Play #25: Turtle Bay

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turtle bay 1
The main character getting ready for adventure.

The above image pretty much summarizes all the game: a turtle who mounts an engine and a watergun onto his shell to fight off octopus-like aliens who invaded his homeland. With a plot this awesome, you would expect an awesome game, right. You can bet on it.

I’ve played this game countless times. I think I know pretty much every single aspect of it, every little bit, every little secret.

So how do you play this game? You can use the keyboard, a gamepad or the mouse, but I strongly recommend the mouse; simply because it makes the turtle so easy to control. Then again, if you want a challenge try with one of the two former methods.

And what’s your objective exactly? Well, in each level there are a number of enemies (the octopuses) which need to be defeated. In order to defeat them, you have to wait for them to turn into eggs, then smash the egg. If you let the egg hatch, two octopuses will hatch from it, effectively increasing the number of enemies.

There are infact, two ways to get a game over: one if you get hurt too much and your life bar depletes, the other if you let the octopuses fill up too much of the screen. Each level has its own threshold for how many enemies there can be on screen. Some levels allow a lot of them, some others less. There’s even a level where if only ONE egg hatches it’s game over.

Turtle Bay 2
A special misson where you need to blow up all the TNT boxes.


In turtle bay you will find many different things: from stages, which can be normal missions (kill all enemies) or special missions where you need to achieve a certain objective such as: “Destroy all TNT boxes”, which by the way, is the objective of the mission shown in the above picture

Other than that, there are many environments to explore in Turtle Bay, the main 3 are: The Beaches, The Rainforest, and The Icelands. Octopuses are able to evolve and as you progress, you will see them gaining different abilities, such as being able to swim (basic octopuses can’t move, they can only spin and spit at you) or teleporting via vortexes.

You will also face some bigger octopuses which act as minibosses. It takes three hits to defat them, and they can lay out eggs if not taken care of quickly.

Octopuses won’t be the only enemy you will find in Turtle Bay however. Some wild animals decided to side with them, some others to stay neutral. For example the sawfishes are neutral as they slash whatever thing they come in contact with, friend or foe alike. Snakes, crabs, sea urchins, and piranas however are your enemies and they can’t hurt the octopuses.

Turtle Bay 3
A chain of explosion is helpful to get rid of many enemies in a short time.


But help comes for you in form of little turtles you can free from ice blocks. They can destroy nearby eggs or collect health and point drops for you. Mines can also help. Of course if you get caught in the explosion you get hurt, but by moving and igniting the mines (usually with some TNT boxes) found around the bays, you can get rid of the enemies really quickly.

Look at the picture above, where the explosion is greatly helping me getting rid of the orange octopuses.

In short, this is Turtle Bay. The let’s play was very short, but mostly because I know the game so much, that I know every single trick to finish it lightning fast, with close to no effort.

Anyway, enjoy the LP!

Let’s Play’s stats:

-First episode aired on: Mar 5, 2016
-Last episode aired on: Mar 18, 2016
-Number of episodes: 6
-Total time of Let’s Play: 1 hour, 51 minutes